You may refer yourself to this service using our new Podiatry self-referral form or have a referral made by your health care professional or use the online referral form using the link on the left of the page.

Completed paper referral forms should be sent by post to:
Foot Health
St Leonards
Nuttall Street
N1 5LZ

Please contact the Clinical Assessment Service 5 working days after submitting your referral form on 0207 683 4676 to make your first appointment.
Please note; We do not accept referrals for basic nail care without medical need. If nail care support is required, contact Hoxton Health at

GP referrals
Please use RAS system on e-RS for all new patients and always attach a referral.
Please note: Current patients requiring an appointment should contact the Clinical Assessment Service (0207 683 4676) to arrange an appointment.

Urgent referrals (Health Professionals only)
For queries regarding urgent referrals please contact the Duty podiatrist at St Leonard's.
Tel: 0207 683 4347/4046

Home visits
Please see ‘Information For Health Professionals section to the right for more information

Podiatric surgery referrals
Please use the E-referral (Choose and Book) system

Footwear referrals (Health Professionals only)
Footwear referrals to be emailed to