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Thinking of returning to nursing? Your skills and experience are needed more than ever before, and there has never been a better time to return to nursing and it is easier than you might think.

Return to practice programme 
The Return to Practice Programme prepares you for re-entry into the professional register and is an essential requirement for returning to nursing and regaining registration. The programme will refresh your skills, leaving you ready to return to nursing with confidence. It involves a combination of classroom and placement-based learning, so you can get stuck in right from the start. 

The Return to Practice programme offers nurses with a lapsed registration an opportunity to become active again on the NMC register with a view that this will lead to employment as a registered nurse.
Programmes available in London

How to apply?
Led by supportive tutors, assessors and supervisors, there are four University programmes available across London, all created to refresh your nursing skills so that you’re ready to return to practice. Please click on the links below to be taken to the University websites to find out more about the programmes and how to apply:
- Greenwich University 
- Kingston and St Georges
- City University
- University of Hertfordshire

Homerton Healthcare Trust works in partnership with City University of London to provide placements for return to practice nursing programme.

If you are looking to return to Adult/Paediatric Nursing, please contact City University of London for information on the programme.Return to Practice (Nursing) course • City, University of London

Financial support for your studies   
You won’t just be emotionally supported, you’ll be financially supported too. NHS Health Education England (HEE) will provide funding towards your course fees. You’ll also either be given a bursary to help cover any childcare, travel and book costs, or you will be paid a salary, depending on the route you take to return. Returning to nursing | Health Careers

We have a variety of placements across clinical settings that host return to practice nurses. We have had return to practice nurses across medical, surgical, rehabilitation and paediatric areas. The placements are via honorary contract (voluntary basis). We recommend working a minimum of 23 hours per week to make the placement a worthwhile learning experience.

Once you have completed the programme and regained your NMC pin, you will have the opportunity to apply with the Trust for a registered nurse role. If you are interested in placement at Homerton, please see contact information below:

Key Contacts
If you would like to find out more information about returning to practice, please email:

ICS RTP bureau lead email address -

City University programme lead-

Homerton RTP contact email address –

HEE return to practice team-