Shoulder rehabilitation class

Class information

Due to social-distancing restrictions we are not currently able to provide in-person groups. We have recorded our exercise classes & provide live online classes to help you continue your physiotherapy independently.  

These resources are designed for current patients of the Locomotor service who have been screened and referred by one of our physiotherapists. All classes include an easier and more challenging version of each exercise so please consider which is most suitable for your level of ability.  

Before you start the class

Before starting any of our programmes we advise you to watch the following presentations:  

A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Exercise: Pain, Effort and Advice (15 minutes): 

The benefits of exercise and how much to do (4 minutes):  

What do I need for the exercise class?


  • A computer or phone connected to the internet.  
  • A bottle of water available and any medication you might need (e.g.  inhaler or GTN spray)  

  • Some videos encourage the use of extra resistance, so small weights (or bottles of water) or resistance band can be useful, if you have any. Please ensure this is in good condition before you use it.   

  • Some videos require a mat/towel, a chair or a small step.  

  • Comfortable loose clothing and trainers are recommended for all videos 


  • Space to exercise where you can see your device. You will need enough space to stretch your arms out and lie on the floor or a bed.   

  • To exercise safely, please ensure the area is clear of any trip hazards such as loose rugs or furniture  


Shoulder rehabilitation class

Welcome to the virtual shoulder exercise programme. This class is designed for people suffering shoulder pain or problems with their back and neck due to shoulder weakness.  

We have recorded three shoulder exercise videos to enable you to continue your rehabilitation independently - available below.

All exercises should be performed slowly with control and attention to technique. You will need a small hand weight (use a water bottle if you do not have a weight) or a resistance band.  

Each video shows one set of each exercise. Feel free to rewind and play back and perhaps watch yourself in a mirror to check you are doing it okay. 

If your pain doesn’t increase significantly the next day then try to complete the circuit twice next time around, eventually increasing up to three sets of the circuit. Aim to complete these exercises every other day.  

You will see the best results if you challenge and fatigue the shoulder muscles, so if the exercises feel too easy, increase the weight or resistance, or progress to the next video. 

Beginner Shoulder Class

Beginner Shoulder Exercises


Intermediate Shoulder Class

Intermediate Shoulder Exercises


Advanced Shoulder Class

Advanced Shoulder Exercises

Who are the classes for?

These resources are designed for current patients of the Locomotor service who have been screened and referred by one of our physiotherapists.  

If you feel your symptoms or circumstances have changed and you may no longer be able to suitable for the class/video, or if you require any individualised advice, please call the Clinical Assessment Service and ask for a ‘Groups and Classes drop in appointment’  

0207 683 4676 (Monday – Friday between 9 and 5pm)