Simulation and Clinical Skills suite

The Simulation and Clinical Skills Suite

Using Patient Simulators in healthcare education allows us to create a safe and realistic learning environment. We can manage realistic scenarios without the risk of causing harm to patients, simulate everyday situations, re-create untoward incidents to learn from them or allow participants to experience scenarios that do not occur frequently or ‘on demand’ in practice.

By working through scenarios with professional colleagues skills of assessment, communication, team working, management and problem solving will improve in a safe environment.

Clinical skills development includes:

  • IV cannulation and phlebotomy
  • IV medication, fluid balance
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • male/female catheterisation
  • measuring vital signs
  • assessment of clients in their home
  • central venous pressure monitoring
  • tracheostomy care
  • central venous
  • line insertion
  • lumbar puncture
  • airway management
  • chest drain insertion
  • and many more for qualified staff of all levels.