Specialist Children's Nursing and Health Visiting Practitioners Service

Primary prevention and secondary treatment based services, which are holistic and meet the needs of all children aged 0-19 years that live in and/or attend school within the boroughs of City & Hackney. This includes children and families within the travellers and gypsies, those who are homeless and those with disabilities, life-limiting conditions, and complex health needs. They work either with individuals, families or whole populations depending on their role.

The aims for each the practitioners are stated below:

Children's Continence Nurse

  • identify, assess and provide the correct treatment for children and young people with the management of continence problems.
  • provide an effective, holistic, integrated, high quality service for children and young people with continence and genito -urinary problems.
  • provide responsive, equitable and effective services to benefit children and young people.

Paediatric Liaison Health Visitor

  • maintain an effective system of communication which provides an integrated and coordinated programme of action. This includes: prevention and early intervention, to improve the health and well being of all children and young people who have attended Homerton University Hospital, to ensure long-term health gain.
  • provide effective information to GPs and other clinicians by empowering the opportunity for the practitioner  to practice effectively and offer targeted support for children and young people.

Health Inclusion Worker for Travellers & Gypsies

  • ensure access to the full range of primary and secondary health services for the Travellers & Gypsy communities in City & Hackney by supporting and enabling them to become independent users of health care resources. 
  • provide leadership, guidance and specialist clinical expertise to colleagues working both within the Children and Families service, across  CHS, The Learning Trust Traveller Education Service and the London Gypsy Traveller Unit.
  • contribute to the delivery of City and Hackney Children’s and Young Peoples Plan and the CHS Health Improvement Plan in relation to these communities. 

Orthodox Jewish Nursing Team

  • work with the community, children and families and Public Health to promote healthy lifestyles. 
  • deliver a high quality of service and ensure that community engagement is achieved in the Orthodox Jewish population residing within City & Hackney.
  • contribute to reducing inequalities and the delivery of the City and Hackney Children’s and Young Peoples and the Public Health Plans.
  • work in collaboration with the community and a number of health promotion agencies, to facilitate seamless care to meet the needs of the Orthodox Jewish Community through involvement with planning, teaching, introduction of evidence-based practice and, where appropriate, enable the community to influence policy changes which impact positively on their care and life experiences.

Breast Feeding Co-ordinator

  • provide expertise, leadership and coordination in relation to breastfeeding promotion and support for mothers, and their families within the borough of Hackney and the City.
  • provide breastfeeding support and advice to both professionals and the wider public and lead the implementation of the local Breastfeeding Strategy.
  • undertake the role of leading on breastfeeding for HUH CHS
  • lead on the development of strategies working towards achieving national targets in relation to both the initiation and continuation of breastfeeding
  • support breastfeeding training and attaining Unicef Baby friendly status
  • support timely collection and reporting of the 6/8 weeks breastfeeding data
  • actively participate in the Breastfeeding Steering Group.

Health Visitor for Children with Disabilities

  • contribute to the development of integrated access to disability services based at Hackney Ark which are delivered across City & Hackney.
  • provide professional leadership for health visitors in their work supporting children with disabilities and their families.
  • perform in a specialist professional clinical role, direct service delivery, training and advice working closely with Children’s Community Nursing Team (CCNT), the Key worker service, and Special Schools.

Referrals may be made through self referral, GP, children centres hospital and voluntary sector.

Opening hours
The services are available Monday to Friday – 09.00 to 17.00hrs

How to contact us
Health Inclusion Worker for Travellers and Gypsies
tel 020 7254 9939
Paediatric Liaison Health Visitor
tel 020 8510 7392
Health visitor with special interest in Disability
tel 020 7014 7016
Continence Nurse Advisor
tel 020 7014 7111
Breastfeeding Coordinator
tel 020 7683 4621
Orthodox Jewish Health Team
tel 020 8809 8801