Stroke services

The stroke and TIA services at the Homerton Hospital provides acute stroke care within the stroke pathway for Hackney residents and offers short term rehabilitation for Haringey patients. 

Through excellent medical management and the use of rehabilitation we aim to help improve people’s function and protect them from suffering further events in the future.

Stroke services
We offer a range of services for people who have had a stroke: 

  • 24-bed rehabilitation unit for patients that have had a recent stroke and require hospital-based care. A specialist team of doctors, nurses, therapists (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists) psychologists and dieticians is working with the patients in a co-ordinated manner to ensure high standard care. This is achieved via:
  • optimal management of on-going medical problems and prevention complications often seen after a stroke
  • finding the cause behind the stroke and designing the best strategy to prevent future strokes
  • a comprehensive assessment and definition of need for early neurological rehabilitation to achieve best possible recovery
  • involving patients and carers in every step of their care
  • having strong links with community-based therapy teams and social services to achieve a seemless transfer of care from the hospital to the community.

Oupatient services:

  • a medical review by a specialist doctor 6 weeks after discharge
  • follow up reviews by a nurse specialist at 6 months after the stroke to ensure on-going quality of care and prevention of medical, cognitive and emotional problems.

TIA services
This is a specialist service for people that are thought to have suffered a temporary or very mild stroke (called Transient Ischaemic Attack – TIA). We aim to see people very soon (often within 24 -48 hours) after they had their symptoms in order to prevent further and potentially more serious events.

Making an appointment
The stroke service is only available to inpatients or people who have been inpatients under the stroke consultant. A referral to the TIA clinic (for temporary strokes) can be requested via your GP. Please complete attached TIA referral form.

How to contact us
Inpatient stroke unit 020 8510 7420
For enquiries about the stroke service 020 8510 7577

Links to related services
We have excellent links with community services and not-for-profit organisations to improve the opportunities for patients to receive extra support and improvement.

InterAct Stroke Support  uses professional actors to provide a live interactive service to stroke patients at the Homerton which helps improve mood, provides active stimulation and engages patients.

Fit 4 Health is a City & Hackney initiative to offer free specialist physical activity programmes to help with recovery after a stroke. This programme helps to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, fat, low mood and anxiety, whilst maintaining independence.

The Shoreditch Trust Stroke Project offers a range of activities that can benefit you and your family. The project actively focuses on reducing the risks of first and further strokes by providing exercise classes, nutrition classes, support groups, day trips and access to information about other services.

The Stroke Project
Shoreditch Trust
12 Orsman Road
N1 5QJ
020 7033 8526

Key staff
Dr Kari-Pekka Saastamoinen
Consultant in stroke medicine