Surgical Rehabilitation Team

We work with the surgical and anaesthetic teams to improve the care of patients at Homerton hospital. 

What we do
The Surgical Rehabilitation Team helps to improve the medical and physical well-being of patients having orthopaedic surgery, and frail or complex patients having surgery at Homerton.

Before the operation
If you are having a joint replaced, we will see you in ‘Joint School’ before your surgery. This session run by nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists (OTs) shows you what you can expect from your surgery and rehabilitation afterwards.

If you are due for surgery and have other medical conditions, your surgeon may refer you to our Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) Clinic to see a consultant geriatrician and therapist. They will assess you and will advise you on how to be in the best condition for your surgery.

During admission
If you’re a high risk patient, we will monitor you closely during your stay in hospital. This is not just by your surgeon and their team, but by the Consultant Geriatrician, and the same therapists that you saw in pre-admission clinic. If we didn’t see you before your operation, we will still review you if your surgical team thinks we should.

Going home from hospital
We will assess you to make sure you will be safe when you leave the hospital. This may involve coming home with you, or meeting you at your house to check everything is ok. Let us know straight away, if you or your family have any concerns.

Rehabilitation in the community
If you need rehabilitation the therapists will help you get you back on your feet. We can come to your house for up to 6 weeks after you’re discharged. This service is only for people living in Hackney and the City.

Service time

  • 6 day service Monday to Saturday 8:30am-7pm
  • Saturday 9am–2pm

Making an appointment
You can be referred to our team once the surgeon has decided you need surgery.
tel: 020 8510 7423