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The eye drops that are used in screening may cause a little stinging for the first few seconds. This then disappears.

After about 15 minutes your sight will be blurred and it will be difficult to focus on objects near to you. This is normal. The blurring lasts two to four hours and this will affect your ability to drive (you should not drive to or from your screening appointment).

Apart from the temporary blurriness discussed above, problems after eye screening are thankfully not common. If you experience a problem with your vision or your general wellbeing after your screening, please let us know (see below). 

Rare problems
Very rarely, the eye drops used for screening can cause a sudden rise in pressure within the eye. This only happens in people who are already at risk of developing this problem at some point in their lives. However, when it happens it needs prompt treatment. The symptoms of sudden pressure rise in the eye are:

  • pain or severe discomfort in your eye
  • redness of the white of your eye
  • constantly blurred sight, sometimes with rainbow coloured haloes around lights.

Getting advice and help within working hours
Telephone our administration team on 020 8510 5911. Say that you have got a problem after your eye screening and ask to talk to a senior member of the eye screening staff. 

If our screening may have caused a problem, we will do everything we can to help put it right. 

Getting advice and help outside working hours
Either go to the Emergency Department of Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road, London EC1V which is open 24 hours a day or go to your local hospital Accident & Emergency Department.