What our staff say about our volunteers

Your invaluable contribution to our service is full of compassion, dedication, and continues to make a difference to the life of our patients and their families. We are ever so grateful for your willingness to give up your time and energy for others which helps to create a supportive and caring environment – Outpatient manager

I am really excited to be working with a small group of Homerton Helpers in a pilot of a brand new Digital Support Volunteer role - they have already brought so many great ideas and energy to the process, and I can't wait to see where they take it!- Digital Inclusion lead

I can’t say thank you enough for the support and help we get from these lovely ladies through volunteering. I remain entirely grateful, Thank you. – Templar ward manager

With the help of our volunteer coordinator, I have been supported by volunteers for many years. They are from a range of backgrounds and bring different skills and experiences and they have found volunteering enjoyable and rewarding. They work as part of the team and gain confidence and develop new skills before entering back into the job market….I feel lost and miss when my volunteer moves on. - Macmillan Lead


What our volunteers say

It’s always more of a blessing to give than to receive and remember no small act of kindness is wasted. It is nice to be nice always. – Lamb ward volunteer

I am volunteering because I love helping people and I always try my best to put smile on peoples' faces. So, I believe if I volunteer in a hospital environment, it would give me the opportunity to learn more while working alongside with different healthcare professionals. The volunteer role gives me opportunites to also meet with different people, ranging from patients to staff and colleagues. It really gives me joy to serve in different departments giving me a different experience. It’s been a great experience for me. Thank you very much. – NICU & Templar ward volunteer

What I have learnt has a volunteer in A&E. It is one of the busiest departments and it bring people from all walks of life. Some people find it difficult to register using the iPad. When I help them, they are so grateful and that makes me feel so good that I was able to assist. – ED volunteer

Volunteering for the NHS is an opportunity for me to pay back the organisation which has been supporting me for years. – Pharmacy volunteer

It is time to start making a difference to dedicate that free time to extend a hand to someone and at no time should it be measured by how big or small it is, whether anonymous or recognized, only you and a few others will know. Start volunteering. – Starlight outpatients volunteer