Welcome to the Wheelchair Service

The City & Hackney Wheelchair Service provides wheelchairs for long term use to increase people’s mobility and independence.

We specialise in postural and mobility assessment, and provide a wide range of equipment for children and adults including -

  • wheelchairs and buggies
  • complex and customised seating
  • pressure relieving cushions.

We also complete powered wheelchair assessments for people with severely restricted mobility who are unable to walk indoors or self-propel a manual wheelchair indoors.

Our team members are:

  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists who undertake the clinical assessment of your needs.
  • Rehabilitation Engineers who provide high level technical support.
  • Technical Instructors who work closely with the therapists and engineers to support the assessment and provision of equipment.
  • Administrative staff who provide support and ensure the smooth running of the service.
  • An approved repairer who will undertake ongoing repairs and maintenance of your wheelchair.

How to contact us

020 7683 4250

We are located at the St Leonard's site of Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation site.

Wheelchair Service
St Leonard’s Hospital
Nuttall Street
N1 5LZ

Service Opening times
The Service is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30 pm, excluding bank holidays.

Public Transport
Nearest Bus routes:  Stop KC or KM St Leonards Hospital – 149, 242, 243, 394

Nearest Tube – Old St (0.9 miles), Liverpool St (1. 2 miles)

Nearest Overground – Hoxton (0.4 miles)

Disabled car parking is available on site.

Who can receive a wheelchair?

Adults and children can be assessed for a wheelchair if they:

  • are registered with a GP in the Borough of Hackney or City of London
  • have a medical condition which results in a long term, permanent need for a wheelchair
  • require the wheelchair for regular use
  • have no, or a reduced, ability to walk
  • are able to independently propel the wheelchair or have carers who are able to push or supervise the use of the wheelchair safely.

We may recommend an assessment by a physiotherapist to consider the potential for rehabilitation to improve your mobility prior to accepting a referral.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assess you if you:

  • require a wheelchair for short term use of less than six months
  • are in hospital completing rehabilitation
  • are living in a nursing home/ residential home and require an attendant-propelled wheelchair to move around
  • require a powered wheelchair for use outdoors only.

Who can refer?

If you do not currently have a wheelchair supplied by the Wheelchair Service, you will need a referral form to be completed by your

  • GP
  • Nurse
  • Physiotherapist or
  • Occupational Therapist

If you already have equipment issued by the Wheelchair Service and would like your equipment to be reviewed, you can contact the team yourself on 020 7683 4250 or by emailing huh-tr.wheelchairservice@nhs.net.

Our assessment process

Your referral will be triaged by a member of our clinical team to determine

  • whether wheelchair provision is appropriate or
  • the type of assessment you require.

If you require an assessment, this will be completed by a member of the Wheelchair Service clinical team. Some non-complex assessments may be completed via telephone. Alternatively, we may need to arrange an assessment appointment. This appointment could be in the Wheelchair Service clinic or at your home, school or college as appropriate.

This assessment will enable the Wheelchair Service to provide the most appropriate equipment or advice to best meet your assessed clinical needs.

Receiving your equipment

We aim to get it right first time. The length of time you may wait for your equipment may vary, depending on the complexity of equipment you require. 
If you require a standard wheelchair, you will normally receive it within seven working days following completion of our assessment.

If you have more complex needs and require a more complex equipment solution this may take longer to provide. We will always endeavour to provide your equipment in a timely manner.

Conditions of Loan
The equipment provided to you remains the property of the Wheelchair Service and is loaned to you for your exclusive use only. A full sample of our current conditions is available in this document - Wheelchair Conditions of Loan Sample.pdf.

If you no longer require your equipment, please contact the Wheelchair Service so we can collect your equipment. See section below for details.

Repairs, loss and returns

Repair of your wheelchair
Wheelchair repairs must only be completed by the Wheelchair Service Approved Repairer.

This is a free repair and maintenance service for all the equipment we have supplied. Please do not attempt to repair or modify your wheelchair yourself. The current Wheelchair Service Approved Repairer is:

AJM Healthcare
0808 164 8840

When contacting the approved repairer to request a repair, please have the following details ready:

  • your name and address
  • details of the repair required.

Loss of your equipment
You are strongly advised to keep your equipment secure at all times, and wheelchairs must be stored indoors. If your equipment is lost or stolen you need to notify the Wheelchair Service immediately.

Returning Equipment
Your wheelchair remains the property of the NHS Wheelchair Service even if you have been using it for a long time. You should never dispose of the equipment yourself.

You can return your equipment at any time by contacting the Wheelchair Service directly. We will then make arrangements with you for its collection.