Wheelchair service

The wheelchair service provides wheelchairs for long term use to increase people’s mobility and independence.

Who can receive a wheelchair?
You can be assessed for a wheelchair if you or your child:

  • are registered with a GP in the Borough of Hackney or City of London
  • have a medical condition which results in a long term, permanent need for a wheelchair
  • require the wheelchair for regular use
  • have no, or a reduced, ability to walk
  • are able to independently propel the wheelchair or have carers who are able to push or supervise the use of the wheelchair safely.

Referral Process
A referral will be screened by a member of our trained team.
This assessment will be completed by a member of the wheelchair service team in the most appropriate environment. This could be in our clinic or at a client’s home, school or college.
Following screening and assessment you will be provided with the equipment that best meets the client’s assessed needs. We provide a wide range of equipment for children and adults including wheelchairs, specialist seating, cushions and accessories.

We also provide powered wheelchairs for full-time indoor and outdoor use for people with severely restricted mobility.
Image of man shopping in wheelchair

Our team members are:

  • Occupational therapists and physiotherapists who undertake the clinical assessment of your needs.
  • Rehabilitation engineers who provide high level technical support.
  • Technical instructors who work closely with the therapists and engineers to support the assessment and provision of equipment.
  • Administrative staff who provide support and ensure the smooth running of the service.

Receipt of the equipment
We aim to “get it right first time”.
This means that the length of time the client waits for their equipment may vary, depending on the level of assessed need. 

For example, if a client requires a standard wheelchair a client will normally receive it within seven working days following assessment. If the client’s needs are more complex, we will endeavour to provide this in a timely manner.

Younger wheelchair user

Conditions of equipment loan?
The wheelchair and seating equipment is loaned for the client’s exclusive use only. We will also offer advice on how to care for the equipment whilst it is on loan to the client.

Repairs, Loss & Returns

We offer a free repair and maintenance service for all the equipment we have supplied. Please see box on left of page for details of our repair service.

Loss & Returns
It is very important to ensure that the equipment is safe when outside of the home or travelling. The client needs to notify us immediately if your equipment has been lost or stolen and discuss the provision of replacement equipment. We are not always able to replace equipment.

A client can return your wheelchair at any time by contacting the Wheelchair Service

Changing needs
You can contact the Wheelchair Service at any time to request a review of your needs.
Wheelchair user at home