Children and young people physiotherapy

Staying in hospital
If you are due to stay in hospital on Starlight ward, you may need physiotherapy after your surgery or injury.
We can find out what is causing your problem and offer exercises or advice to help you get well soon and return to your favourite hobbies and sports.

Physiotherapy outpatients
Your first appointment will be in our starlight or therapies clinic. In our therapies department we also have a gym which we may take to you, if you want.

Image of children's message board in Starlight outpatients If you are 5 years old or less, we will see you on our Starlight children’s outpatient clinic.

image of children's physio session

If you are 6-16 years old, we will see you in our physiotherapy outpatient department.

Before you come
Bring a t-shirt, shorts and trainers to wear during your physiotherapy. This will help us assess how you move.

At the appointment
During the appointment we will ask you questions about:

  • why you came to physiotherapy
  • what you like to do in your spare time

This will help us to know more about you and the ways we can help. You can ask your mum, dad or family member to help you answer these questions if you’re not sure. We will also assess you, which may involve things like:

  • looking at and moving your bones and joints
  • finding out how strong you are
  • testing your balance
  • looking at how you walk, run, jump and hop

After the appointment
After the appointment we will tell you whether you need to come back for more physiotherapy and book your next appointment. If you don’t need any more physiotherapy we will discharge or refer you to another service that can help you.