We offer a full range of contraceptive methods and can help you choose the best method for you

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Our sexual health services are still here for you, but we have had to change the way we do things because of coronavirus

To ensure social distancing, we are unable to operate a walk-in clinic at the moment. Access to our clinics is by appointment only.

We are able to sort out many issues by phone consultation too, so you can also phone us for advice

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Contraception advice during COVID-19 outbreak

The contraceptive implant and some 'coils' can be used for longer than was originally advised:

  • Implants (Nexplanon): You can continue to use your implant for contraception for up to four years after insertion. The risk of pregnancy is very low.
  • Mirena IUS or Levosert IUS:  You can continue to use these for up to six years. The risk of pregnancy is low.
  • 10-year banded copper coils (such as T-Safe): You can continue to use this safely for up to 12 years after insertion

Use additional contraception with:

  • Lower dose hormone coils e.g.  Jaydess (three year) and Kyleena (five year): After the three or five years we advise you to use condoms or take a progestogen only pill (POP) to prevent pregnancy, until we are able to replace the IUS. 
  • Five year copper coils: After five years we recommend using condoms or that you start a POP to prevent pregnancy, until we are able to replace the IUD.

If you are not sure which type of IUD/IUS you have please call us or contact the clinic where it was inserted

If your device has expired it is safe to leave it in place even if you no longer need it for contraception.

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You can also get contraception from your GP
If you are registered with a GP in Hackney, you can even get your coil or implant fitted at a GP surgery near you. Contact your GP for more details.

Contraception is also available online through Sexual Health London

My Contraception Tool

This online tool can help you choose which contraceptive method might suit you best.

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Long acting reversible contraception (LARC)

Long acting contraceptive methods are the most effective at preventing pregnancy.

Long acting reversible methods include:

If you would like long acting contraception, please call us on 020 7683 4103

You can also watch these helpful videos about the implant and IUD/IUS
(with thanks to Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust)

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex or when the usual method of contraception is believed to have failed (a split condom, missed pill etc).

Emergency contraception can be in the form of a pill or an intra-uterine device (IUD or the coil) and can be used up to 3-5 days after unprotected sex.

The emergency IUD is the most effective method of emergency contraception.

The IUD can be fitted within 5 days of unprotected sex. However, if more than 5 days have passed we may still be able to fit one - please discuss this with the doctor or nurse.

  • The emergency IUD does not cause an abortion
  • It can be used if you are breastfeeding
  • It can be used as ongoing contraception for up to 10 years

Emergency pills are more effective the sooner you take them. Emergency pills should not be seen as a regular method of contraception - it is much better to use a reliable method every time you have sex.

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Contraception after having a baby

Studies have shown that fertility can return as soon as three weeks after having a baby - even before periods start again. It is good to start thinking about contraception even before you have had your baby.

The below summarises which contraception can be used in the first few months after having a baby:

Poster image text: Postnatal Contraception. Don't delay - think about it today! It is good to think about contraception and family planning even before you have had your baby. This will help you get started on a method of contraception immediately or very soon after having your baby should you wish. Did you know? Studies have indicated that your fertility can return as soon as three weeks after having your baby - even before you have your first period. Homerton Sexual Health also provide a specialist contraception service for new mothers. Opening times are Wednesday afternoons 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Call 02076834103 to book an appointment or just drop in

Contraception is available from all of our sexual health clinics

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