The Jonathan Mann Clinic (JMC) is based in the Clifden Centre at Homerton University Hospital. Our diverse team provide holistic care to help people live well with HIV.

Staff from the Jonathan Mann Clinic (HIV treatment and care)

These are the many staff who work in the JMC

People who work in the Jonathan Mann Clinic
Peer Navigators
Health Advisers
Community Specialist Nurses
Social Care Coordinator
Specialist HIV Midwife
Voluntary Organisations

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HIV medication

You can choose between the following options for receiving your HIV medication:

  • having your medication delivered to your home or another convenient address
  • having your medication delivered to a local Boots store for you to collect
  • collecting your medication from the hospital pharmacy here at Homerton (you can wait to collect it the same day, or return within two weeks)

If you are running out of medication please let us know as soon as possible

It is important that you take HIV treatment daily and without interruption to make sure it remains effective.

You can request an emergency supply of your HIV treatment by calling the JMC directly. This can sometimes take two days to arrange.

Call us - 020 8510 7837

Email the JMC