COVID-19: advice for people living with HIV

We are vetting appointments in the Jonathan Mann Clinic. Please do not come in for your appointment unless you have been contacted by a member of our team.

We will contact everyone who needs to come in with a new appointment.

We will organise repeat medication for you:

  • If you usually receive home delivery it will be delivered to your usual address.
  • If you pick up medication from the hospital pharmacy, it will be available for you to pick up from the clinic during a scheduled time slot, or we can courier the medication to you.

If you or someone you live with has had a fever, new continuous cough, or loss of taste or smell in the last 14 days, please stay at home and ask a friend/relative to collect the medication for you, or call to re-book your appointment.

We are ensuring that our medication supply is maintained so that people get the medication when they need.

If you have less than two weeks of medications, please contact us by phone or email (

    020 8510 7837

We want your feedback to help us plan how we re-introduce our services

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Currently there is no evidence that most people with HIV are at higher risk of COVID-19, or of severe disease. We advise following national advice. If you have a very low CD4 count or have recently had a severe infection, we will contact you with further advice.

NHS advice

We also recommend ensuring you are up to date with routinely recommended vaccines by checking with your GP:

  • Flu vaccine (every year)
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
  • PCV-13 for everyone with HIV (once only)
  • PPV-23 if you have another condition requiring this e.g. age over 65, diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease (also once only)

The Jonathan Mann Clinic is for people living with - or affected by - HIV

The Jonathan Mann Clinic (JMC) is based in the Clifden Centre at Homerton University Hospital. Our diverse team provide holistic care to help people live well with HIV.

Staff from the Jonathan Mann Clinic (HIV treatment and care)

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