Lung Function Laboratory

The lung function unit is an integral part of the department of Thoracic Medicine, offering a wide range of physiological tests to both inpatients and clinic outpatients within the Trust, to help not only in the diagnoses of lung disorders, but also to assess the severity of these conditions.

Tests performed

  • Simple Spirometry
  • Flow Volume Loop
  • Diffusing Capacity (Gas Transfer) Measurement
  • Lung Volume Measurement by Body Plethysmography or Helium Dilution
  • Airway Reversibility Assessment with Bronchodilators
  • 6 minute Walk Test
  • Skin prick allergy testing
  • Sleep Study Tests
  • CPAP service
  • Full Apnoea Screen
  • Maximal Inspiratory/Expiratory Pressures

All requests for lung function tests are made from within the Trust either from outpatient clinics or from physicians looking after inpatients.