TIA Services

Here you will find information relevant to GPs, practice managers and administrators, and other primary care and healthcare professionals who use our services.

TIA – Act quickly, save a life!

Did you know that 20% of TIA patients are at risk of having a full stroke within 7 days of their TIA? By acting quickly to investigate and treat high risk patients this risk can be reduced by 80%.

If you see a patient with TIA symptoms (loss of vision, loss of sensation, speech problems) please fill in the referral form and email to huh-tr.tiaclinic@nhs.net

We have now introduced e-RS (electronic referral system) for the TIA service. GPs can now refer and book appointments directly via the e-RS booking system for TIA patients assessed as being low risk. All referrals via e-RS will be vetted by the HUH consultant team daily.

Please search for the TIA service on e-RS using the following criteria:

  • Location: Homerton Hospital
  • Speciality: Geriatric Medicine
  • Clinic Type: Not Otherwise Specified
  • Service is for: 18 years and above

Referrers must carry out an ABCD2 score before referral and as documented on the TIA referral form as part of the referral process. 
A low risk patient is one with an ABCD2 score of 3 or below, or who presents more than one week after the symptoms have resolved.
These patients are appropriate for referral via e-RS attaching the completed TIA referral form.

Referrers are advised to choose the first available appointment. Patients may often also be seen within 24 hours (in line with updated guidance regarding the management of TIA).

A high risk patient is one with an ABCD2 score of 4 or above, or who has had two or more TIAs within one week, is suspected to have Atrial Fibrillation, or has known carotid stenosis on the symptomatic side.

These patients must be seen within 24 hours and should be referred to us immediately via email only on HUH-tr.TIAClinic@nhs.net

Please note the TIA fax number is now obsolete. Please DO NOT send faxes.

  • We provide daily (Monday –Friday) TIA Clinics typically held in the afternoons in the Bryning Day Unit.
  • Please inform the patient to expect a call from the TIA Service within 48 hours and give the information sheet attached to the referral form. 
  • If the patient requires an advocate or transport please document this on the referral form.
  • Patients will be contacted by the Service Administration for an appointment so please provide a current and valid telephone number. 
  • The patient will be sent a text message (if the appointment is the next day) and/or an appointment letter detailing where they will be seen.
  • The appointment can be 45-60 minutes long and they may need to have some investigations on the day including bloods, CT Brain and US Carotid Doppler.
  • Remember you do not need to refer via the Clinical Assessment Service.

 For further information about the stroke and TIA service at Homerton, please contact the stroke team on 020 8510 7577.

Stroke prevention service
The stroke team works closely with the Shoreditch Trust Stroke Project which is a voluntary sector organisation who offer a range of services to stroke patients.