Library Services for ELFT staff

The Newcomb Library provides Library and Knowledge Services for all ELFT staff.

Please note that the forms on this webpage work best with the Chrome browser.  Alternatively, please email the Newcomb Library with your request.

NHS Knowledge and Library Hub Search

Search a range of high quality knowledge and evidence resources in one place, including journals, databases and ebooks.

Please login into the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub for East London here, using your NHS OpenAthens username and password. 

NHS Knowledge and Library Hub user guide

Knowledge-Hub-basic-user-guide-for-Homerton.pdf [pdf] 337KB

Watch a short user video tutorial


How to access bibliographic databases

Searching bibliographic databases

If you would like to quickly find journal literature and other evidence, please use the new NHS Knowledge and Library Hub 

The following bibliographic databases are available:

AMED – allied and complementary medicine including palliative care

BNI – nursing, midwifery and community healthcare

CINAHL – nursing and allied health

Embase – biomedical and pharmaceutical literature

Emcare – nursing and allied health

HMIC – healthcare management

Medline – biomedical, life sciences, allied health and pre-clinical sciences literature

PsycInfo – psychology, behavioural sciences and related disciplines

Social Policy and Practice – health and social care

These databases can be found on the native interfaces as below

EBSCO  CINAHL and Medline

ProQuest  BNI, Medline and PsychInfo

Wolters Kluwer (Ovid) AMED, Embase, Emcare, HMIC, Medline and Social Policy and Practice

If you would like to search the healthcare databases systematically, please contact Newcomb Library and librarians can perform a search on your behalf or train you in how to find the evidence you need using the native interfaces.

You will need an NHS OpenAthens account to access the search interfaces.

Please also use these guides about each of the database search interfaces:

ProQuest Guide February 2022.pdf [pdf] 2MB

EBSCO Guide February 2022.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Ovid Guide February 2022.pdf [pdf] 1MB

or try the e-learning programme, How to Search the Literature Effectively

Try also the Trip Database which is a freely accessible portal that searches evaluated sites for evidence-based healthcare information, and finds evidence quickly.

Access STAHL Online

Stahl Online is a one-stop shop, covering everything a mental health professional or teacher will ever need to know about neuropsychopharmacology. Comprehensive and regularly updated, Stahl Online provides full access to the entire current portfolio of books by Dr Stephen M. Stahl.

Access here

Need to find a journal? Want to read an article?

Need to find an article? Need to browse and read journals quickly and easily? 

Try BrowZine - a tool which enables you to browse, read and monitor current journal content on your mobile device, laptop or desktop PC.  View tables of contents, read articles as new issues are published, or read previous issues.

BrowZine logo Search ejournals Title, ISSN or Subject keywords


Quick tip: Login to your OpenAthens account first when using BrowZine

Download the BrowZine app for mobile access.

You can find an article by DOI or by PMID here


EBSCO Journals A-Z`You can also search for journals using EBSCO's publication finder Journals A-Z. either by using the search box or the A-Z publications by name on the Home page

Looking for a book?

Library catalogue

Search the Newcomb Library catalogue for books and ebooks 

our December books of the month

10 books of the month - 10 comforting reads for long winter nights ...


Winter photograph

10 comforting reads for long winter nights ....

The comfort book book cover

Stories to make you smile book cover Heartstopper book cover
Wintering book cover Wonder book cover The midnight library book cover
Maame book cover The lido book cover Call the midwife book cover
The boy, the mole, the fox ... book cover 10 comforting reads for long dark nights

ebook of the month for HIV/AIDS Awareness Month

HIV book cover

Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV, and Sexual Health

by Laura Mitchell (Editor), Bridie Howe (Editor), D. AshleyPrice (Editor), Babiker Elawad (Editor), K. Nathan Sankar (Editor)

This comprehensive yet concise handbook provides an essential, evidence-based guide to sexual health, genitourinary medicine (GUM) and HIV medicine, in an easy-to-use format. It is aimed at speciality trainees in GUM and HIV, nurses and GPs, and is a valuable reference for specialists within the field of sexual health and HIV.

HIV management is covered in greater detail, including PrEP for prophylaxis, drug interactions during treatment, and antiretroviral toxicity, with expanded topics on managing pregnancy with HIV. More colour plates are included, to feature a greater number of common dermatological presentations in genitourinary medicine and HIV to better aid diagnosis

Access here

If you’d like to recommend a book, contact us at

Confused by ebooks?  Have a look at our guide

Quick guide to ebooks January 2023 v2.pdf [pdf] 815KB

Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry/Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures

Maudsley Prescribing Guildelines for Psychiatry logo

The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry  

The essential evidence-based handbook on the safe and effective prescribing of psychotropic agents. Covering both common and complex prescribing situations encountered in day-to-day clinical practice, this comprehensive resource provides expert guidance on drug choice, minimum and maximum doses, adverse effects, switching medications, prescribing for special patient groups, and more. 

Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical and Cancer Nursing Procedures logo

The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures

Provides over 350 evidence-based clinical skills procedures related to essential aspects of a person’s care, based on the latest research findings and advice from clinical experts.

Many procedures have illustrations to explain procedures and can be used for teaching.  There is no mobile app, but the manual is designed to work on mobile devices. 

Please log in with your NHS OpenAthens username and password.

Critical appraisal elearning programme

Need to know more about the Critical Appraisal process? Critical appraisal blue icon

The critical appraisal e-learning programme has been designed to enable the healthcare workforce (clinical and non-clinical) to build confidence in the critical appraisal process when applying and evaluating research.

Access the elearning programme here

There are 8 modules which each take approximately 30 minutes - you can either do the whole programme or the module you require.  Please use your NHS OpenAthens account to enrol on the elearning programme.

1. Introduction to Critical Appraisal
2. Health Inequalities
3. Randomised Controlled Trials
4. Interpreting Results
5. Systematic Reviews
6. Qualitative Studies
7. Diagnostic Studies
8. Critical Appraisal Tools

For further information about other elearning courses, please download this leaflet

eLearning Flyer May 23 _2_.pdf [pdf] 401KB

Also. watch a series of training vidoes on Critical Appraisal of an RCT using CASP checklist on YouTube from Barts Health Knowledge and Library Services

NHS OpenAthens account

Your NHS OpenAthens account unlocks a wealth of resources including ejournals, ebooks, point of care tools, elearning and more!  

Register for NHS OpenAthens

Login into NHS OpenAthens

Forgotten your password?   Go to:

More about NHS OpenAthens

Anything else contact us at


OUP collection - core textbooks and handbooks

NHS staff and students on placement now have online access to a national collection of over 150 medical titles from Oxford University Press including Handbooks,Textbooks and Emergencies In series. Funded by NHS England the collection has access to Oxford Handbook of Psychiatry, New Oxford Textbook of Pyschiatry and Emergencies in Psychiatry.

Download the NHS-OUP National Collection - Full title list.  This can be filtered by specialism and clicking on the title links will direct you to an NHS OpenAthens sign-in link.  NHS-Collection-all-titles.xlsx [xlsx] 34KB

You can also use the  Oxford Academic sign-in link to access the NHS core collection Once signed in, you can filter by format=book on the left side of the screen to display the full titles only.

Homepages for Oxford Medical Textbooks and Oxford Medical Handbooks

Download a new doctor flyer NHS-OUP New Doctor Induction flyer.pdf [pdf] 1MB

We also have many OUP titles available for loan from the library - search the Newcomb Library catalogue

Keep up to date with KnowledgeShare

A million decisions are made every day in the NHS. Ensure you make the right ones!

KnowledgeShare logo

Sign up to KnowledgeShare and receive highly-targeted evidence updates every fortnight. You tell us what your interests are (broad or narrow), what setting you work in, what your role is and we do the rest - helping you stay up to date, saving you time and connecting you with relevant evidence.

Register for a KnowledgeShare profile 

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Need to request an article?

Before you request an article, please make sure you check that it is not already available with your NHS OpenAthens username and password.

To check, please go to Journals A-Z and search for the journal your article is in.  Remember to  login to your OpenAthens account at the top right of the page.

Find an article by DOI by PMID   

Once you have checked, fill in this form to request an article:

Newcomb Library request an article form


Contact about any training needs you may have. Or use the online booking form below. 

We can show you how to find relevant research from healthcare databases and other sources, especially if you have a topic in mind, either individually or in groups via MS Teams or in person.

Online learning

Online courses to help you use evidence and knowledge to make good decisions, improve your research skills and achieve health improvements:

Literature searching

New to literature searches? Try the  How to search the literature effectively elearning programme, designed to help you build confidence to search published literature for articles and evidence relevant to your work, study and research, whether you're in a clinical or non clinical role.

Need to critically appraise an article?

The critical appraisal e-learning programme has been designed to enable the healthcare workforce (clinical and non-clinical) to build confidence in the critical appraisal process when applying and evaluating research.

Health Literacy - you can make a difference

A free course designed for anyone in health or social care working with patients, families and carers.  Nearly half the adults in England (43%) struggle to read and understand health information. When that information includes word and numbers, that rises to 61%. This means important details, such as how to take medicines and dosage, understanding appointment letters and test results can be missed. And not everyone feels confident to say when they don’t understand.

For further information about other elearning courses, please download this leaflet

eLearning Flyer May 23 _2_.pdf [pdf] 401KB

Training request

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

Request a book

If you would like to request a inter-library loan for a book that is not available in the Newcomb Library catalogue, please complete the form below.  

Please make sure you have checked that your item is not in stock in the catalogue before submitting your request.

Newcomb Library request a book form




Literature Searches for East London staff

If you are searching the literature for a work-related project, this can be both challenging and time-consuming. Our Literature Search service uses the skills and expertise of qualified librarians who carry out searches on your behalf. 

To request a literature search, complete the form

Newcomb Library Literature Search Form


You can learn how to do a literature search online at:


How to join the library

Want to join the Library?

Please complete our registration form, selecting Newcomb Library at Homerton Healthcare

Newcomb Library regulations

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BMJ Best Practice App

Want to download the  BMJ Best Practice App?                                                            

1. Go to the BMJ Best Practice website. Click on "Log-in",  Select 'Access through your institution' Type in search box 'NHS in England'.

2. Click "Create account" for a personal account or "Log in" if you already have an account.

3. Visit the Apple or Google Play store to search for and download the app.

4. Use your BMJ Best Practice "personal account" details to sign in and download the content.

Downloading the app at Homerton Hospital?  Connect to NHS wi-fi, download the BMJ Best Practice app and set up your personal acccount or log in through the app.

Watch a quick video on how to download the BMJ Best Practice app via OpenAthens:

Interactive postgraduate doctor toolkit - essential resources from BMJ to support postgraduate doctors during their inductions and rotations.  NHSE-Postgraduate-Doctor-Toolkit-2023.pdf [pdf] 580KB

Learn more about BMJ Best Practice