Psychosexual service

Examples of sexual difficulties

About the clinic

The Homerton Psychosexual Service provides assessment and treatment for anyone experiencing sexual difficulties living in Hackney or the City of London. We offer both medical and psychological treatments to reduce sexual problems and increase confidence and enjoyment around sex. We work with individuals and couples, of all genders and sexual orientations.

What do we mean by a sexual difficulty?

Sexual difficulties refer to problems that affect the way your body responds or works during sex. This can often lead to difficulties in having or enjoying the types of sex you want, and can cause considerable emotional distress.

For men, this includes problems getting or maintaining an erection, ejaculating too soon during sex or taking a long time to ejaculate.

For women, this might involve vaginal pain or discomfort during sex or difficulties in reaching orgasm. It can also include any sexual difficulties following FGM.

For both genders, sexual difficulties can also include a loss of desire for sex. Difficulties can arise spontaneously, or be the result of stress, illness, disability or previously unwanted or negative sexual experiences.

Who can we see?

We can only see people living in Hackney or City of London.You will need to be registered with a City and Hackney GP in order to access the Homerton Psychosexual Service.

If you live outside of Hackney or City, you can contact us for information about services in your local area. Alternatively, you can speak to your GP about referring you to a psychosexual Service near you.

What can I expect if I am referred?

We have a team of doctors and psychologists to help you explore the factors that might contribute to the sexual difficulties you are living with. We work closely together so that you can receive effective treatment for both the physical and psychological difficulties that many people with sexual problems can experience. 

First, we offer everyone a joint assessment with a consultant doctor and a clinical psychologist. This session is designed to get to know you and to find out about the problem. This may also involve a medical examination. At the end of this assessment, we will discuss a treatment plan with you.


We offer a range of both medical and psychological treatments, which are recommended to you depending on the nature of the difficulties you are experiencing.  For instance, you might be offered medication to reduce the symptoms of your problem.  

We know however, that sexual difficulties do not usually have a purely physical cause. We also offer short term psychological therapy (up to 6 sessions). This treatment is designed to help you explore some of the psychological factors that might contribute to your sexual problem, and to give you the tools to manage associated distress and worry.

Often, a combination of both medical and psychological treatment can make the biggest difference in reducing symptoms and increasing confidence and enjoyment in sex again.