About us and our services - Space to think... Knowledge to act

We offer a physical space away from your work area when you need some quiet “thinking time”, and a virtual space, where you can freely access the latest online resources, and e-learning

Enquiry service The experienced Library Team can help you find the information you need
Borrowing Borrow up to 8 books/journals at a time
Computer facilities 12 PCs with internet access, scanning, printing, wi-fi
Training Contact us about your training requirements
e-learning & e-resource support Assistance with setting up an OpenAthens account to access e- resources and support with your account if you have forgotten the login details!
Literature searching We can search for the latest evidence for you to support work-related projects and quality improvements
Document supply If the article or book you require is not available, we can acquire it from a network of other libraries 
Evidence alerts Sign-up for KnowledgeShare to receive alerts targeted to your interests
Printing & copying Charges from 10p per A4 side

Safe: We promote safe practice amongst Homerton staff through the resources we provide and the support we offer for their use.
Personal: We deliver a user-focussed service, developing in response to the needs of our users and encouraging suggestions and feedback.
Respectful: We provide services and resources for all, supporting the diverse needs of all user groups.
Responsibility: We embrace change and innovation, report on our activities and strive to improve our effectiveness.

Newcomb Library & Information Service guide

Newcomb library guide for Homerton staff - October 2022.pdf [pdf] 603KB

How to join the library

Want to join the Library?

Please complete our registration form, selecting Newcomb Library at Homerton Healthcare

Newcomb Library regulations

Newcomb Library Privacy Notice Sept 2018.docx [docx] 38KB


Library regulations

  • We want you to succeed in your work and studies and believe in co-operation between you and us as professional colleagues.
  • Please be considerate to everyone in the library, computer room and learning hub.
  • Drinks with lids are allowed. Food and phone conversations should be kept outside the library. 
  • Our books and journals are for use by all so do not mark them: scrap paper is available if you need to make notes.
  • You are responsible for the condition and timely return of any items borrowed from the library, and are financially responsible for any no- return, loss or damage. For lost/damaged interlibrary loan books the minimum charge will be £50.
  • Talk to us or email us when you change your home or work address, email address, phone number.
  • When you make photocopies, or access and use material online, please observe the NHS England Copyright Licence. Ask for advice if unsure.
  • We will manage your data in accordance with the Homerton Data Protection Policy (and only for the purpose of administering your library services).
  • The Trust “Internet Policy” should be adhered to by those using computers. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Literature search service

If you are searching the literature for a work-related project, this can be challenging (and not to mention time-consuming), so why not let us do it for you? The Newcomb Library Literature Search service uses the skills and expertise of qualified librarians who carry out searches on your behalf, including biomedical databases such as MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE etc. The service is available to anyone working on a quality improvement or service development project and it is FREE. Please email  huh-tr.NewcombLibrary@nhs.net with details of your search request and your phone number.

If you need an article or book that is not available to you please contact us. 




about any training needs you may have. Or use the online booking form below. 

We can show you how to find relevant research from healthcare databases and other sources, especially if you have a topic in mind.  Or perhaps an introduction to Twitter would be useful and learn how to share your experiences and insights with peer-professionals and promote your ward/service, whether you are new to Twitter or an experienced tweeter.

User guides and resources

You Tube video - Navigating the new NHS Knowledge and Library Services Hub

New to literature searches? Try the How to search the literature effectively elearning programme.


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